Thursday, February 7, 2008

Photo Organizing

I was going to post yesterday, but I wanted to see what pictures I have in Flickr. I have a lot. 884 to be exact. And at least 200 more that I haven't uploaded yet. Needless to say, I got distracted.

I'm organizing my photos now. Making sure that each and every one has the correct tags and is in the correct sets and has something that resembles a title or description if needed. This way when I want a picture I can find it. The problem is that it takes a looong time. I'm over halfway done I think. So as soon as the photos are organized, I'll be back with some more interesting posts.

On a different topic, carrots are so satisfying to eat for the crunch part, but not for the full belly part. I have 2 bags of them so I'll be doing lots of crunching to be followed with a higher fat snack to keep me full. Or I'll get some hummus for dipping. I also have 2 bags of celery, but I looove that with peanut butter or marmite so that makes it more filling. Obviously I didn't check my fridge before I went grocery shopping last nite.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

1 Year (plus 2 days) Ago

So one year ago, Feb 2nd/3rd to be exact, was a bit of a turning point in my life. You get two stories in one here!

Pre-stuff: I'd become single a few months before that and had made a very rushed move into a different apartment with my two kitties and most of my stuff (the rest of it I never did get). There are all sorts of great stories about all of that, maybe some other time for those though.

So a few months after taking control of my life and getting out of a bad situation, I decided to do something that I'd been thinking about for years. Get a tattoo. I knew that I wanted a Pi. I wanted it small, discreetish, but where I could still see it. I was sitting at work, drawing on myself when I figured it out. I drew a wee little Pi on the inside of my wrist. Perfect. This was drawn on at about noon Feb 2nd. I drew it on darker and was ever so careful to not let it wash off. The next day, Feb 3rd, was a Saturday. That morning I was knitting with some friends and looking up tattoo parlors online. I picked 2 based off of reviews and chose the one that I knew how to get to (plus there was a sushi restaurant near it). I packed up my bag and headed that way.

This was pretty big for me. Not so much getting the tat, but the fact that I went to get it within 24 hours of deciding what I wanted. It was finally doing something solely for me. Not to get away from anything, not to prove anything, not because it was expected or I had to, not for anyone else in the slightest. I usually have more of a reason for why I do things, because I want to isn't always enough for myself. But that is why I went to get a tat. Because I wanted to.

So I brave the icy sidewalks to get to the tattoo place. I tell the man what I want and sit down to wait while they get ready. There was a guy there looking at designs, and we started talking while I waited. He plays in a band near where I live, so he gave me his email address and said I should come check them out. We looked at designs in the books and talked while I waited.

Once everything was ready for me, it took no time at all to actually do the tattoo, and was definitely cool to watch. On my way out, the guy said something funny and I told him I'd check out his band sometime. He was wearing a hat and looking cute. I'm a sucker for cute guys!

This is it...the nite that I got it. I should go home and take an updated picture.

Pi 3

So there is the story of how I got my tattoo. And since I said there were two stories here...that guy I was talking to while I waited is my boyfriend. We went on our first date 2 weeks later and have been together since!

I know that all of you who know me IRL have heard all this, but I felt like telling the story again :)