Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Amsterdam 8/19/08-8/21/08

Amsterdam - canal

I only ended up in Amsterdam because it was the cheapest place to fly into. Immediately I almost got run over by a bicycle...turns out I didn't look both ways before crossing the bike lane (which I didn't even see until I was in it). After that I was much better about watching for bikes and enjoyed seeing them all over the city.

Amsterdam - mini truck!

I wandered the first day. Ate a cone of fries and just took in the city. I went to the Torture Museum which was quite interesting and I saw a floating flower market on one of the canals!

This is the back of it.
Amsterdam - Bloemenmrkt

The next day I did a walking tour and met a few Americans (girl from Iowa and 2 guys from CA) so I spent the evening in the coffeeshops, bars, and Red Light district with them. It was a ton of fun. Quite a different culture than what I'm used to!

Here are all of my Amsterdam photos.

Amsterdam - guys can pee here!

Carved in the paint in a bathroom stall.
Amsterdam - carved in a bathroom stall

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