Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I'm baaaack!!

I've had a VERY eventful last 5ish months.  I'll update on all of that later (with pictures!).

I just have to say...

how did I make it 24 years without being told how much better dried beans (post-cooking) are than tinned?  Hmmm?  Cookbook authors?  Every cookbook seems to say that it doesn't matter whether you use dried or tinned beans.  And my mom uses tinned everything so she didn't teach me this secret.  I was going on the assumption that they were pretty much the same and it didn't make a difference which I bought.

It so makes a difference!  I just made my very first batch of beans from a bag.  I sorted out the 1 stone, soaked them all day, and then simmered them on the stove (in new water).  When they were done I added a dash of salt and pepper.  I am now sitting here eating them from the pot.  

Oh, they are black beans.  I was going to freeze half, but I think I'll only have half left by the time I get them out of the pot.  It will be fun to hang out with me later...beans, beans, the magical fruit and all.  :)

I'm a dried bean convert.  I need freezer containers.  And a few more types of beans since I'll eventually get tired of black.  An extra bonus is the bags will produce less waste than all the cans of beans that I eat!  Score one for the environment!

Really, I'll have pictures next time :)

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