Friday, September 12, 2008


This week I've had pb&j for lunch every day. Healthy? Sure. Boring? Not at all. Some days were crunchy pb, some smooth. I've had 3 different flavors of jam throughout the week. Who am I kidding, they are boring.

I decided with a new job and all that I would try to eat as healthy as possible. Fairly easy since I'm vegan, but there is a surprising amount of vegan junk food out there.

My hopefully achievable goals:

  1. eat breakfast, preferably something healthy - yogurt, banana, bagel on occassion
  2. pack a lunch, trying to include a fruit and a veggie - just to make sure I get some
  3. make dinner more often than eating out - when I cook it is healthy
  4. one "unheathy" snack a day -- this need restrictions :)

Snack Restrictions:

  • it can be 2 small snacks
  • granola bars count in this unless included as part of a meal, they aren't really that healthy
  • total should remain under what I judge to be equal to a cupcake with a 1/4 cup of soy ice cream (that is a standard dessert for me)
  • I get to decide what counts as a cupcake/s'ice cream serving...1/2 Ritter Sport+2 mini cupcakes counts...a whole candy bar at work and a cupcake at home doesn't count

And since I'm a nerd, I'm going to make a table to track it all weekly, and then maybe a master one with points or something for long-term tracking. I can't help it, keeping track of the details of my life is something I've always done. I'll just keep track of weekdays...I don't really eat meals on the weekends. We'll see if I stick with it for more than one week.

Healthy Eating Wk 1 (9/8/08-9/12/08)

DateBreakfast?Pack Lunch?Lunch Fruit?Lunch Veggie?Cook Dinner?1 Snack?
9/8Yes-cerealYes-pb&jYes-grapesYes-grape tomatoes+carrotsYesYes
9/10Yes-s'yogurtYes-pb&jYes-grapesYes-grape tomatosNoYes
9/12Yes-s'yogurtYes-pb&jYes-grapesNo (I ran out)Prob not??
Grand Total for week23

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